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Reducing Stress by Reducing Your Expectations


Looking for work is a very stressful activity. But you may be able to reduce it by adjusting your attitude about the things around you. Handling stress is a topic that we often have come across before. In the modern world, handling stress has become a real concern, and many books have been written and Read more »

Using LinkedIn Successfully


LinkedIn is the most popular social media site among business professionals today. Almost everyone uses it. But, according to one social media expert, Tom Searcy, people are not using LinkedIn as effectively as they could. People could be getting a lot more out of it. Searcy lists a few of the things that people are Read more »

Handling Failure


As we confront the many challenges that come our way in life, we know that we won’t be successful at all of them; we know that we will have to face failure. Failure is a part of life just as much as anything else, in things big and little. Failure at some point is inevitable, Read more »

Working a Job Fair


Job Fair “season” is here! Many companies hold job fairs in late spring/early summer in order to catch new school graduates. Read below for some tips on how to work a job fair or two to your best advantage. Before you set foot in the career fair arena, be sure your resume is the best Read more »

Find Out the Financial Health of Your Target Employer


When you are applying for a job, naturally your main focus is on selling yourself to the company you are interviewing with. But at the same time, career counselors all advise that you need to investigate the company as well, to evaluate whether it would be a good place for you to work. One of Read more »

Resume Tactics to Avoid


As you create your resume there are certain things you should make sure you do: Use action verbs Show real results (numbers, percentages, etc.) Remember that it’s a sales too, not a history of all the jobs you’ve held. And so on. Below are some things you never should put on a resume as well Read more »

Harnessing the Positive Power of Stress


Whether you’re happily – or unhappily – employed or unemployed, one constant we all have to deal with is stress. We’ve been told by those in the health professions that too much stress is not good for us, that it can lead to various ailments and actually harm our bodies. And we are constantly bombarded Read more »

Acing the Second Interview


You’ve been called in for a second interview. Yes, congratulate yourself; you truly should be proud. But now you need to return to perhaps at least one or two of the same people – and probably some new ones — and wow them all over again. And you can rest assured that this interview will Read more »

Innovation in the Job Hunt


In today’s economy, the time to innovate isn’t when you begin your new job, it’ when you want to create an effective job search. The first way to innovate is with the kinds of questions you ask, because they set the course for the direction you are going to take, according to business analysts Jeff Read more »

Nailing the Behavioral Interview


As you make your way through the interview process, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself going through what is known as a “behavioral interview” at least once. A behavioral interview simply is an interview strategy in which the interviewer/hiring manager works to find out how you behaved in certain workplace situations in the past. The premise – Read more »

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