Why Company Culture Is Important


Company culture is not just a trendy catchphrase. While in recent years the importance of it has come to the forefront, the need for a clearly defined culture is essential to ongoing business success. Why does it matter?

Companies that neglect to establish and maintain a strong identity (through shared values, practices, and beliefs) face increased risks, such as:

  • Having the culture defined for them (e.g. by employees)
  • Missing out on quality candidates (who value cultural fit)
  • Loosing employees (who may lack a sense of belonging and/or feel undervalued, disengaged, etc.)

On the other hand, business that take the time to instill a strong culture see a variety of returns!

4 Benefits of a Well-Defined Company Culture

1. Unite Employees With Shared Vision, Values

Company culture is the fiber that holds your team together. It explains who you are, what you believe in and where your business is headed in the future. This common ground designates everything from your team’s work ethic to the manner in which they treat one another. A clearly defined culture reminds everyone that they belong, are unified and are all working toward the same shared goals.

2. Attract Like-Minded Talent

The culture you portray during the hiring process will directly impact the decisions candidates make. If you want to hire candidates with certain work habits and attitudes, your culture needs to match. Otherwise, your ideal candidates may not consider applying to your job openings, and if they do, they are far more likely to either drop off during the hiring process or resign due to the recognized disconnect.

The best and brightest professionals understand the importance of company culture. They want to work for a company that reflects their values and work styles. Experienced professionals know that with the right cultural fit, they will not only have better relationships with their co-workers, but also garner greater satisfaction from their work. Additionally, they realize it will be a much greater struggle to succeed if they do not fit the organizational culture.

3. Differentiate Your Brand

Culture is not simply an internal issue. It impacts the way consumers, clients and competitors view your company as well. People want to do business with companies they can relate to, and having a strong culture is key. The beliefs and behaviors that characterize your company will become a part of your brand. Eventually, it may help attract your target customers, making your company an easy choice over competitors.

4. Inspire Great Work

When you hire employees that fit your cultural fabric, incredible things happen! When people truly believe in your company and want it to succeed, they will come to work each day and give their all. Working in a positive environment is stimulating, so expect performance (and company commitment) to rise to levels never seen before!

Define Your Culture and Candidates to Match

Cultural fit is an indicator of a candidate’s potential success, but it can be hard to spot. As hiring experts, RealStreet knows exactly how to gauge cultural fit. Allow us to assist in the selection of your lease, lease-to-hire and direct hire talent. Contact us today to gain access to industry-leading professionals who perfectly mesh with your team!

As the Project Director on the 495 Express Lanes Mega Project we encounter the need of services of many disciplines of workers, from administrative, human resources, designers, project control experts and engineering. RealStreet Staffing was always able to supply our team with capable and experienced personnel on a very short notice.This contributed significantly to our Read More…

Mitchell Lester, Project Director 495 Express Lanes

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