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How to Fill Hard-to-Fill Positions


If you work in human resources, you know that even in this depressed economy, you have open positions that are hard to fill. It’s no secret that these jobs are in technical areas, areas that demand a high degree of education and expertise – engineering, IT and healthcare. The fact is that for these areas Read more »

Reasons to Hire the Unemployed


Although there may be issues involving discrimination, some companies still will not even consider hiring people who are unemployed. There is a bias against the unemployed because of the general assumption that during layoffs, it is usually those who are the least productive who go first. But as Jim Stroud, a corporate recruiting expert notes, Read more »

Candidates Are Interested in More than Just a Job’s Duties


As you try to fill openings at your company with the most talented people possible, you are obviously working to come up with the best questions to ask job candidates. Naturally, applicants have questions of their own, some more probing than others. But it is to these more probing questions that your human resources department Read more »

Job Candidates Are Not Always Their Social Media Postings


Now that social media has gained a real prominence in our society and in the workplace, employers are using it more and more to check out job candidates. Career counselors are telling those looking for jobs to be careful regarding what they put on their Facebook pages or what they tweet on Twitter because potential Read more »

Maintaining a Great Relationship with Your Staffing Service


If you want to increase the chances of having a successful relationship with your staffing firm, here are a few things to keep in mind when your company makes a request for contingent employees. The first tip for making things go as smoothly as possible is to make sure you notify the staffing service as Read more »

Temporary Workers and Employer Liability


One of the regulatory traps that businesses sometimes fall into when they use staffing services is the employment classification of contingent workers. Many times a business that uses contingent workers from a staffing firm takes on certain responsibilities for the workers, responsibilities usually associated with “regular” employment. By doing this, the company allows itself to Read more »

The Changing Status of Employment


The makeup of the American workforce is undergoing a sea change, fueled in part by the current weak economy Companies and workers need to adapt. According to Doug Berg, a workforce expert, the United States is in the middle of a big shift in the workforce, especially in the technology area. The way things have Read more »

Tips for Onboarding New Employees


In the past, orienting a new hire was usually relegated to some lower-level worker in the human resources department, and after that brief introduction to the company, the new employee was on his or her own. Now, however, things are different because businesses realize the importance of getting a new employee up to speed, making Read more »

Employee Communication Skills and Company Success


They are referred to in different ways – communications skills, personality traits, soft skills.  But whatever they are called, recent studies have shown that they are just as important to a company’s success as other more quantifiable business skills. About 75 percent of those surveyed identified these employee skills as necessary to success.  These skills Read more »

Why the “Overqualified” Candidate May be Your Best Candidate


If you are an employer and, in the course of your recruiting, you come across applicants who seem to have more education and experience than are required for the job, don’t reject them out of hand.  As a matter of fact, give them serious consideration. As much as this seems to intuitively go against the Read more »

We have had an eight-year relationship with RealStreet on a number of federal construction management contracts. They have been extremely responsive to our needs, helping us fill a variety of construction services positions, often with short notice. They have been a reliable and responsive partner, and we can always count on them to quickly deliver Read More…

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