Welcome to JobSeeker January: 10 of the Top Job Search Tips from the RealStreet Blog


As the new year begins, many professionals don the hat of job seeker. They focus on finding an opportunity that will help them achieve their goals for the year, allowing them to make the forward progress in their careers.

Ten of the Best Job Search Tips from the RealStreet Blog

If you are starting your job search, here are some of the most popular tips from the RealStreet blog. To learn more about a given topic, click on the title of interest to read the full article. 

1. 4 Tips for a More Efficient Job Search

Job searches can be time-consuming. However, if you use the right approach, you can streamline your search dramatically. This article is full of helpful tips that allow you to do just that.

2. Question: Should I Accept a Counter-Offer?

If your skills are in-demand, getting a counter-offer from your current employer is not uncommon. However, figuring out whether you should accept it can be difficult, especially if they offer more than the competitor did. If you are wondering whether you should say yes, read this article.

3. Five Things That Can Scare Hiring Managers Away

As a job seeker, your actions could thwart your chances at landing a great opportunity. Certain mistakes can scare hiring managers away, leading them to place your resume solidly in the discard pile. To make sure you avoid these missteps, make sure to read this article.

4. Inside Tips on How to Bring up Salary During an Interview

Discussing your salary is a daunting prospect. Timing the conversation can be a challenge and making sure you are suitably prepared is critical. If you want to handle these discussions well, make sure to check out this helpful blog.

5. How to Determine Whether You Are a Good Match for a Company’s Culture

When you head into an interview, showing the hiring manager that you are an ideal candidate should not be your only goal. Instead, evaluating the company should also be an objective. Here are tips for determining whether you and the company’s culture will mesh.

6. How Working with a Placement Firm Ensures a Great Career Fit

Finding the ideal role for your larger career goals is critical for long-term success. Working with a placement firm can ensure that you end up in the perfect position. If you are wondering how a recruiter can make sure your next job is right, take a look at this post.

7. How to Get Discovered by the Best Companies When Searching for a New Job

Landing a job with a leading company is a common goal for job seekers. Getting noticed by the cream of the crop can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. This article contains tips that can help you stand out from the competition.

8. Why You Should Connect with Your Interviewer After an Interview

A job seeker does not get to stop working once the interview ends. Instead, candidates need to take a few additional steps, ensuring they connect with their interviewer properly. This article gives clear guidance for those follow-up messages, allowing you to handle them professionally and at the right time.

9. Tips on Developing a Relationship with Your Recruiter

Having a strong relationship with your recruiter is a must. However, it also needs to be handled with care. If you want to make sure your recruiter becomes an ally instead of an enemy, check out this tips in this blog.

10. When Should You Incorporate Details from Volunteer Experience into Your Resume?

Many job seekers wonder if adding their volunteer experience to their resume is a wise move. If you are now sure whether your volunteer work adds value or cannot figure out where to list it, this article will help you make smart choices.

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