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Human Resources as a Company’s Change Agent


According to consultant Brad Power, human resources can and should be an integral part of the change and improvement at a company. Power lists a number of ways that human resources can do this. One important way that a company’s human resources department can drive change is through the hiring process, making it clear to Read more »

Your Company as a “Neighborhood”


As a human resources specialist, one of your responsibilities is working with procedures and policies that pertain to corporate culture, the values and goals of the company and how they can be best achieved by employees. In doing this, human resources should lead the way in fostering the idea of the company as a neighborhood, Read more »

How Important is HR Certification?


There is a lively debate going on in the business world about the idea of certification in human resources. Namely, does it enable an increase in effectiveness or does it just represent a body of knowledge steeped in old, conventional ways of thinking. At some companies, certification is mandatory, while other companies wrinkle their noses Read more »

The Importance of Stories at Work


One very good way of learning about how things are going at a company and the atmosphere of the company is to listen to the stories employees tell about their work experiences. You may hear more positive stories – about the hard work that people do to keep their customers happy, or how they work Read more »

Candidates Are Interested in More than Just a Job’s Duties


As you try to fill openings at your company with the most talented people possible, you are obviously working to come up with the best questions to ask job candidates. Naturally, applicants have questions of their own, some more probing than others. But it is to these more probing questions that your human resources department Read more »

Temporary Workers and Employer Liability


One of the regulatory traps that businesses sometimes fall into when they use staffing services is the employment classification of contingent workers. Many times a business that uses contingent workers from a staffing firm takes on certain responsibilities for the workers, responsibilities usually associated with “regular” employment. By doing this, the company allows itself to Read more »

How Business Leadership Must Change


In the business world today, the way a firm’s leaders exercise their authority has to change radically from the way they have done so in the past if companies are to survive in fast-paced, global economies.  That’s the message of Barry Salzberg, soon to be the global chief executive officer of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. Read more »

Gender Stereotyping in the Workplace


A recent study has shown that the way managers are viewed is likely to change in the future as more women move into management positions. Currently, only about two percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women.  And so when most people think of leaders, they envision a male in the position.  But Read more »

Empowering Employees


While mechanization is certainly an integral part of how businesses operate today, the human factor is still vital in countless areas of manufacturing, sales and transportation. Keeping workers engaged in their jobs is vital to maintaining a high level of production. There is much a company can do to create an environment where workers feel Read more »

Employee Communication Skills and Company Success


They are referred to in different ways – communications skills, personality traits, soft skills.  But whatever they are called, recent studies have shown that they are just as important to a company’s success as other more quantifiable business skills. About 75 percent of those surveyed identified these employee skills as necessary to success.  These skills Read more »

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