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Does Diversity Training Work?


For a long time, diversity training, normally the bailiwick of the human resources department, has been a staple of corporate education programs. The intention of such programs is to prevent lawsuits and also to create an atmosphere at a company where all of the employees are valued and respected regardless of their background. The idea Read more »

Helping with the Transition to Retirement


Recent surveys show that retirement planning issues have become increasingly important to employees, and that companies are doing more to help their employees plan for retirement. Some businesses are even rethinking the types of retirement plans they offer, and also making financial counseling available to employees. The increased concern about retirement comes on the heels Read more »

Employee Assistance Programs


Employee Assistance Programs, or EAPs, are evolving, and they are doing a lot more than they have in the past, something that human resources staff should be aware of. As companies look for economical and effective ways to help employees stay happy and productive, EAPs now are providing a lot of new and different services, Read more »

When to Hire an HR Manager


How big does a company have to be before it hires a full-time human resource manager? According to Beth Sussman of Dovetail Human Resources, there really is no special number of workers that a company should have before hiring a full-time human resources manager. Instead, she says, what you need to look at are the Read more »

Dealing with Difficult People


Working in human resources – or in any other of your company’s departments – sooner or later, you are going to have to work with someone – or a group of people – whom you really don’t like. It may be someone who thinks that the world revolves around him and his brilliant mind, someone who Read more »

You Can’t Do it All


In today’s nonstop world of human resource management, you are bombarded with information, e-mail, text messages, voicemail and social media. Many approaches to time management claim to show how you can accomplish all of the things you need to. But business strategist Peter Bregman says the idea that you can do it all is just Read more »

Showing Appreciation: Going Beyond the Obvious


If you are a human resources manager, you naturally rely on a lot of people in your organization to get things done. And it’s natural to show your gratitude to people who have helped you. But when it comes to showing appreciation, business consultants caution that you should look beyond the obvious people to those Read more »

Increasing Employee Engagement


With the uncertainty in the economy, and companies demanding more and more from their workers, employee engagement with their jobs has sunk lower and lower. Business analysts say that to keep your company productive, you need to have employees that are engaged with their jobs. The experts offered a number of ways to build and Read more »

Employee Aggression toward Human Resources


A  recent survey has provided some evidence to suggest that people in human resources have become the target of aggressive actions by other workers simply because of their role in the organization. Almost one-third of the Kentucky-based human resource workers surveyed in an online poll reported being the target of aggressive behavior, which included things Read more »

Sustainability in the Workplace


A number of business experts argue that human resource departments need to take the lead in implementing sustainability programs for their companies. Human resource departments are best positioned to spearhead this type of initiative, they say. Sustainability generally refers to the efforts made to enhance quality of life for employees, society in general and making Read more »

I have been under the employ of RealStreet for approximately 10 years now as a TAC, or Technical Assistance Contractor, working with Homeland Security on federally declared disasters. My experience with RealStreet has been absolutely wonderful over the years with tremendous engagement provided by the principals of the firm as well as their professional supporting Read More…

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