Perk Power


On-the-job perks can be very powerful when it comes to recruiting and even retaining employees. Let us count the ways: 1) When employees feel they are being “taken care of by their employers” (more on this in a moment)  the more likely they are to recommend your company to their friends, neighbors and former colleagues. Read more »

Important Employee Performance Management Tasks


When supervising employees, don’t forget these important performance management tasks: 1) Be sure to align your workers’ goals with your company’s goals. As you create SMART (specific,  measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for your workers, be sure you align these goals with your firm’s vision and objectives. By doing so you’ll help employees understand Read more »

Developing Business Ethics in Your Employees


As the country reels from several business scandals of the past few years, the idea of training employees in business ethics is gaining traction. The idea is to help staffers and managers examine their own ethics and come up with approaches for handling the occasional “sticky wicket” on the job. Yet to really get your Read more »

Telecommuting Better Than Working in Office


A study conducted by Brigham Young University and published this past summer in the Journal of Family Psychology reported that employees who were able to work from home said they had a better work/life balance than their office-based colleagues — even though the telecommuters worked much longer hours. The study took a look at almost Read more »

Employee Work Perception Predicts Company Success


In today’s culture, it seems, our work life — if we’re fortunate to even have a job — is our life. It’s as if we eat, sleep and otherwise do the day-to-day activities of living just so we can go to work. That said, it naturally follows that what we think about our work and Read more »

Getting Employee Feedback


Many companies in the United States are not taking advantage of a key resource – their employees.  A recent survey has shown that companies are not taking the time to listen to feedback or ideas from their workers. Nearly half of the companies contacted in a recent study did not use employee surveys.  Moreover, almost Read more »

Failure as a Learning Opportunity


Companies that have recovered from major failures have learned more from the experience and have become more successful as a result, according to research from the University of Colorado Denver School of Business. The knowledge that came from success didn’t seem to carry as much weight as the knowledge that came from failure, which was Read more »

How to Land a Promotion Quicker


If you’re looking to move up your company’s corporate ladder relatively quickly, the quickest way to do so is to become problem solver for your firm. You’ll need to be proactive, finding problems that need fixing before they even develop (or at least before anyone else knows they’re a problem). Problem solvers get hired before Read more »

Using Social Media to Screen Employees: Are There Legal Risks?


With the dramatic increase in the number of unemployed workers during the past few years, it has become more important than ever for companies to make solid, well thought out hiring decisions. The rise of social networking on the Internet has made it easier than ever for companies to investigate the backgrounds and personal lives Read more »

Dealing With Employee Turnover


Retaining good employees consists of more than providing a good benefits package and high salary. It also consists of creative incentives and a positive working environment that allows the employee to feel both appreciated and a valued member of the organization. The more focus a company puts on its employees, the more success the company Read more »

After a string of failures trying to find the right person on our own, RealStreet came through for us. The first person they recommended was the person we’d been looking for all along. It doesn’t get better than that.

Joshua A. Woolley

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